Kingo was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1967 and raised in Saitama prefecture.  After he graduated from the local private high school, he entered into the private university in Tokyo, but dropped out after one year.  Then he moved to the United States to enter into the university.  After he graduated from the university in the States, he started working for the travel agency.  Then he started working for the various hotel brands in different countries as an expatriates specialized in Sales and Marketing for 15 years.  With an offer from the major insurance broker in the world, he decided to change his career as a Risk Manager for many major Japanese companies for 8 years till he decided to come back to his own country, Japan with his family.  Due to a longtime wish to live in Kyoto, they decided to move to Kyoto, Japan as their “permanent place”.  Kingo started studying about the ancient capital of Japan -Kyoto and Nara, and acquired a National License as an Interpreter Tour Guide and registered as a licensed Travel Agent in Kyoto Prefecture.  Also, he learned about Japanese sake and got International Sake Master certificate.  By learning and devoting his spare time as much to the Japanese history, traditional crafts, and various locally brewed Japanese sake, he made up his mind to introduce “a beautiful Japan – everything started from Kansai!?” to those foreign tourists visiting Kansai.  While working at a foreign affiliated hotel, he is now engaging himself in “Japanese sakagura tourism”.  His lifework is to produce attractive tours in Kansai area by looking for the best Japanese sake and exploring for the hidden paradise for those foreign “Japan lovers”. 

Kingo is also engaged in the program for the foreigners who wish to come and live in Japan.  Kingo can make any tailor made tours wherever the visitors wish to go.   Let us explore Kansai together to find the best Japanese sake and find the hidden paradise. 

License acquired:

International Sake Master

Certified Travel Agency

Japan Licensed Guide Interpreter

Kyoto City certified Guide Interpreter