Ise Jingu is located in Mie Prefecture. Enshrining the goddess Amaterasu, the 2,000-year-old Ise Jingu is revered as the supreme Shinto shrine in Japan and has been visited by many people since ancient times, and still today so many people from all over the world come to offer their prayers. The beautiful shrine on its vast ground is worth a visit. In 2016, the Ise-Shima Summit was held, and many national dignitaries visit this place. Ise-Shima is also famous for lobster and scallops, and has captivated many seafood gourmets. Matsuzaka beef, on the other hand, being as famous as or even more famous than Kobe beef, is considered the finest beef by gourmets in Japan and around the world. Suzuka, where the F1 Grand Prix is held, attracts F1 enthusiasts from all over the world. Finally, there is a city that should not be forgotten in Mie Prefecture. It is Iga City, the home of Ninjas. There is a facility near Iga Ueno Castle where many foreign tourists can enjoy splendid Ninja shows. Surprisingly, it is not well known that Iga City is densely populated with sake breweries, and tasting sake in an Iga-yaki sake vessel that you have made by yourself will be a great pleasure of the trip in Mie!