For more than 1000 years, Kyoto has carved the history of Japan as the capital of Japan. The history of Kyoto can be said to be the history of Japan. Therefore, many traditional crafts and food culture were born, and many historical buildings were built. Even now, you can find many traditional crafts and food culture, as well as seasonal scenery that feels “Japanese” as you walk through the streets surrounded by those historical buildings in Kyoto. These include the back streets of Gion area where Geisha and Maiko walk in kimonos, many shrines and temples such as the historic Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine, Saga-Arashiyama with its seasonal scenic beauty, and the 17 World Heritage sites in the city of Kyoto, the area called Wazuka, a green tea plantation area or Fushimi, where sake breweries are concentrated. Every year, Kyoto ranks among the top cities in the world that many world-famous travel magazines choose to visit. Whatever Kyoto you\'re looking for, your favorite Kyoto is waiting for you. By all means, please come to Kyoto and enjoy the Kyoto you want.

Recommended Sightseeing Areas:
Kyoto City Area (17 World Heritage sites) / Saga Arashiyama / Ohara / Kurama-Kifune
Uji-Wazuka / Tango Peninsula

Must-Try while you are in Kyoto:
Kyoto the 3 most famous festivals ( Aoi Festival, Gion Festival and Jidai Festival)
Ride a river cruise in Hozugawa River in Saga Ayashiyam
Visit Fushimi Sakagura (brewery) area
Experience green tea leaves pick-up
Make your own pot (Kyomizu yaki)

Must-Eat and Drink
Uji green tea and green tea ice cream and sweets
Fushimi Japanese Sake
Yuba and Nishin soba