Sake (Seishu)
Sake (Seishu) is a traditional Alcohol drink solely made in Japan that has been handed down from ancient times as a “sacred liquid” to be offered to the gods.
The ingredients of sake are very simple: rice, water, and malted rice. The type of sake rice used, the water used for brewing, the secret rice koji, etc. are all entrusted to the maker’s brewery, and are closely related to the climate of the place where they are made.
The finished sake differs from brewery to brewery, and the charm of sake lies in the “individuality” that each brand of sake has.
Even if the sake is made in the same brewery, there are different brands, and there are various types depending on the manufacturing method. Ginjo-shu, Junmai-shu, and Honjozo-shu are categorized according to the raw materials and production methods, and there are eight types in all.
There is a wide range of drinking temperature, which can be drunk cold or warm, and you can drink it according to the season, such as cold sake in summer and hot sake in winter. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, it goes well with a wide variety of dishes, and thanks to the koji used in sake, it goes particularly well with seafood.
Unlike beer, it does not have a cooling effect on the body, and it also has a skin-beautifying effect. A wide variety of local sake that strongly reflects the characteristics of each region in Japan is popular.
Nara Prefecture is said to be the birthplace of Japanese sake, and Nara Prefecture is known as the birthplace of Japanese sake.
Why don’t you stop by a sake brewery and enjoy sake at the place you visit?