SHIGA - Mt. Hieizan/ Enryakuji Temple & Sakamoto Area in Otsu city

Meeting Place: JR Kyoto Station (West Exit )
Guide Tour Duration: 8 hours
Minimum number of the tour participants: from 1 participant
Tour fee with licensed guide: 18,500 JPY per person / 23,000 JPY for 2 persons/ 27,000 JPY for 3 persons 30,000 JPY for 4 persons (inclusive of 10% Tax)


09:00 Meet at JR Kyoto Station West Exit By JR Biwako Line / Keihan Bus Transport
10:00 Mt. Hiezan / Enryakuji Tenple (UNESCO World Heritage site )
-Experience the solemn religious mountain where many influential monks studied.
12:30 Lunch in Sakamoto Temple Town
14:30 1430: Walk around Sakamoto Temple Town (Enjoy a beautiful castle remains & garden)
15:00 Otsu city - Sake Brewery or Sweets shop for sake or sweets tasting
-Or choose to visit other famous sites such as Miidera Temple or Hiyoshi Jinja Shrine
-Or choose to visit Biwa Lake to ride ferry to visit Takebujima Island (additional fee)
17:00 return to JR Kyoto Station