Otsu Festival 2022 – Festival of Tensho Shrine

(Festival of Tensho Shrine, which was founded in the Nara period)

The weather forecast says it will be cloudy in the morning and there is a chance of rain in the afternoon.  The secretariat office mentioned that it had never rained in the history of the Otsu Festival.  It was just after lunch that the Otsu Festival jinx broke.  Although it was not as gorgeous and famous as Gion Festival in Kyoto, the procession of 13 gorgeously decorated festival floats in the center of Otsu city facing Lake Biwa is “must-see festival” in Kansai region, Japan, I believe.  All of the floats were originally made in the Edo period according to the secretariat office, and every year they assembled thenm one week before the festival.  One of my guests had reserved a designated seat in advance, but the rain suddenly turned into a heavy rain, so he said he decided to come back home early on this year. After having received one “Chimaki (rice cake / good luck charm) from him as his sovenir, I brought it home and placed it at the house entrance as a guardian. I remebered the day I visited Otsu city before: whene I could taste the locally brewed sakes near the JR Otsu station.  Feeling the upcoming autumn, I remembered the taste of the delicious Otsu sake and authentic unique “funa sushi (fermented crucian carp sushi). I wish I could visit Otsu Festoval next year.




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